Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Alkalinity and the Road to Good Health

Written by: GLENN TAYLOR 
It is important to maintain balanced pH levels in your body; otherwise you will be prone to a number of health issues which might vary from sleep disorders to the health of your bones. In order to live a good and healthy life you need to pay attention to the pH levels of your body or else everything might not go as smoothly as you would like. If you wish to balance your pH levels, you need to increase the in-take of foods which are rich in Alkali. This includes fruits of all kinds, vegetables, along with food which has been processed to a minimum.

Benefits of Alkaline Food

Generally, food is either classified as being acidic or alkaline in nature. Most Americans, have a more acidic diet. This is because of heavy consumption of meat, which is rich in acid, is processed, and is coupled with dairy products. 
Our body has a pH value of 7.35, which is slightly alkaline. Now, the food we consume doesn’t change this value because the body constantly seeks to neutralize itself. Every time you eat something which is acidic, your body seeks to dilute it by leaching some amount of calcium which is an important agent for alkalizing purposes. However, this calcium is sucked from your bones making them weak.  
On the other hand, plant based food which serves to form alkali, tends to be rich in nutrients and in antioxidants. Once you increase the intake of such foods, the process of leeching calcium from your bones will slow down on its own. This will, in turn, help maintain the condition of your bones and will prevent them from losing their strength. (Schwalfenberg, 2011)

Lesser Chance of Developing Kidney Stones

When a person starts consuming a diet high in protein and low in carbohydrates, it tends to affect their urinary chemistry. Such a diet results in a decrease in the levels of urinary magnesium, pH, and urinary citrate. These decreasing levels are matched by the increasing levels of undissociated uric acid, phosphate, and urinary calcium. These imbalances result in problems like the development of kidney stones and such issues can be prevented by consuming a high alkalized diet. (S.T., Wang, Sakhaee, Brinkley, & Pak, 2002)

Muscle Mass

We tend to lose a great deal of our muscle mass as we age and this leads to an increased number of fractures. In order to retain a good amount of muscle mass, we need to increase our consumption of foods rich in potassium such as fruits and vegetables, while reducing the total amount of acid consumed through our diet. It has proven by a three year study that was conducted, that such a diet serves to enhance the process of muscle mass preservation in the bodies of elderly men and women. (Schwalfenberg, 2011)

Improvements in back pain

There is plenty of evidence to support the claim that back pain improves if you supplement minerals rich in alkaline properties, into your diet. The supplementation helps to increase the level of magnesium in cells and improves blood pH levels. The level of intracellular magnesium helps to improve the function of the enzyme system and activates vitamin D in the body. (Schwalfenberg, 2011)


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