Tuesday, June 2, 2015

What is The Flower of Life

All things in the universe rely on geometry.  As far as 6000 years, this theory of shapes, symmetry and measurement occurs as the very definition of all creation.  The pattern of creation rooted by many ancient civilizations come together in what is otherwise known as The Flower of Life- a multi-dimensional symbol found in so many religions and cultures throughout history.  This design represents both existence and essence- where the design that starts from overlapping two circles, then three would soon create a flower pattern as the next layer of circles interconnects outward and away from “the great void”.  This design found on talismans and pendants have been known to carry healing powers and bring spiritual empowerment and self-awareness within the balance of the universe.

Many angles have been formed throughout history.  One approach is taken by Judaism pursuing the “Genesis Pattern” starting with the holy trinity with 3 circles.  Another is evolution where six circles manifests a seventh circle inside, creating the miracle of the seventh day.  Yet another message of this universal symbol is that within the vertices of the cross-over circles show “the tree of life”- an icon regarded by many ancient civilizations as one that connects us all with patterns from nature.  Continuing to look closer in cluster of spheres is the “egg of life”, where 7 circles makes up the very genetic structure that our very physical existence is founded on.