Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Detoxing – The Next Anti-Aging Directive

Detoxification of the body involves flushing out toxins and useless minerals, which might be blocking up our arteries and giving way to a healthier lifestyle. The process mostly involves taking out the toxins from the body, mainly by restricting ourselves to a diet of raw vegetables and liquids; such as fruit juices and water. Detoxification has helped many people steer themselves from addictions, such as drugs and alcohol, and has helped them stay on the right and healthy path.

It has also gained a lot of popularity as an anti-aging diet. It cannot reverse the aging process but with the healthy process of flushing out bad toxins from the body, and consuming healthy food, detoxing is now being referred to as a longevity diet. Anti-aging research based on the effects of detoxification on the aging process have concluded that by the process of eliminating bad minerals from the body, one can gain control over the body’s biological processes. (P, 2008)
Detoxification is thus, beign declared as the best way for you to control the body’s natural aging process by consuming anti aging foods, within a detox and low calorie diet, along with proper amounts of sleep.

Calorie control

By proper calorie restriction, you can affect how their body will react to certain situations. According to a study, proper control over a person’s calorie intake can help them, not only reduce their weight, but also manage their skin condition, mental health and age. (Kim HJ, 2002)
However, calorie restriction does not mean that you should pull yourselves away from all the foods you love to eat. Detoxification is done with the help of raw foods; such as vegetables, and although some vegetables might have starch, they are not taken in a processed state, which lessens their harmful properties.

Required Amount of Sleep

When a person uses detoxification to clean their body from the inside, it gives them the opportunity to become more relaxed in other parts of their lives. Our diet affects everything that we do and according to a study, a good diet and regular exercise can affect a person mentally as well as physically.

Thus, when the body is being filtered with good food, proper liquids and a healthy exercise regime, it sends a signal to the brain that it is in a good condition. However, along with all this, sleeping properly is a prerequisite. The ideal sleeping time for an adult is 7-8 hours daily and if their body is not functioning properly due to lack of sleep, it can affect them enough to make them mentally disturbed during the day.

Diet Regime

Having a proper diet regime is the key to leading a healthy life. Along with detoxification, a proper diet recommended to you by a nutritionist, is the one to follow. By having the right list of foods to eat, and not consuming foods with empty calories; you can detox your body of all its stress and aging factors. As discussed before, the method of having a proper diet with exercise is important, and by doing so, you can help modify brain function and carve a path towards a better and healthier self. (F, 2008)


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