Tuesday, June 2, 2015

PEMF – Cellular Healing Revolution and Pain Reversal

Doing what you can to improve the health of your cells is not a passive process in any way. In fact, it is essential for us for to have our cells regularly tuned up and maintained so that they remain active and help us in reducing cell dysfunction and slowing down the process of aging. It is essential to keep our cells healthy as our own health depends on the health of our cells. Any possible cell dysfunction, which is not realized and corrected early, may lead to disease. While the medical world has made many breakthroughs in the field of using therapies for the treatment for any infection or disease; PEMF therapy has so far, been the most beneficial, as a reliever of chronic pain and has been claimed to be the ultimate anti-aging tool. PEMF has been used to relieve migraines, promote nerve health and prevent further pain from tissue trauma. (William A. Jorgensen, 1994)

What is PEMF?

Pulsed Electro Magnetic Field therapy (PEMF) is a form of treatment which is reparative in nature and is, therefore, commonly used by orthopedics that use it for the treatment of failed fusion, non-union fractures, and depression. When it comes to bone healing, PEMF treatment makes use of pulsed magnetic fields which are directed at the injured area. (Diniz, 2002) These pass through the injured tissue and are said to be effective for the purpose of cellular repair. There are many FDA approved devices that make use of such a simulation. These devices serve to provide a solution which can facilitate bone repair. You can keep your cells healthy and fine tuned by performing Pulsed Electro-Magnetic Field therapy daily even if it is only for a minutes.

Uses of PEMF

PEMFs can be used to:
·         Reduce inflammation, pain, any possible platelet linkage or in reducing the possible effects of stress on the body.

·         It can be used to increase energy levels in an individual, oxygenation of blood and tissue, cholesterol level and blood pressure, the quality of sleep, the ability to regenerate cells, cellular detoxification and in can help in the uptake of nutrients.
·         Accelerate the repair process of the soft tissue and the bone.
·         Balance the immune system and stimulating the DNA and RNA.
·         Relax muscles.
This treatment has been used for decades now, for the treatment of numerous conditions in various medical disciplines. This treatment has been found to be effective on humans, as well as animals. Realizing its great potential and its importance, the National Institute of Health has made PEMF research its top priority. Treatment has already been approved by the FDA for treating a number of problems, like:
·         Healing of wounds.
·         Mending broken bones.
·         Treating depression.
·         For reducing welling on tissues and for reducing pain.
·         Most of the PEMF devices which are used for therapeutic purposes are considered to be safe by various organizations and multiple standards.

How it works?

Everything consists of energy. Energy has a dynamic presence and has a frequency along with which it operates and this frequency changes within seconds.
We are aware of the fact that the nature of all forms of energy is electromagnetic. All the atoms, cells, and chemicals are capable of producing fields which are electromagnetic and are called Electro-Magnetic Fields (EMCs). All the organs in our body are capable of producing their own distinct Bio Electro-Magnetic field. Apart from this, there are 70 million cells in our body all of which communicate with each other by exchanging electromagnetic frequencies. The importance of the electromagnetic activity is such, that without it life is not possible. 
Electromagnetic energy is responsible for controlling the chemistry which controls the functions of tissues in the body. When electromagnetic energy in the body is disrupted, cell metabolism is impaired and leads to diseases.
PEMF treatment is used to correct impaired chemistry and as a result, it corrects the cells’ functions. PEMF treatment provides your cells with electromagnetic fields which are life enhancing. Even the weakest PEMFs are able to pass through your body without getting absorbed or altered by any organ or bone, in anyway. This passing through of PEMFs helps in restoring most chemical and electrical processes in tissues and they act like support for cells.


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