Sunday, June 14, 2015


How SuperPhactor Kickstarted CHANGE in My Life
by: Lennard M. Gettz
About two years ago, a good friend and nutrition advisor raved about SUPER PHACTOR™ by PhountainHealth®.  She mentioned it would be a life-changer and it was the smartest and most delicious combination of the “best ingredients assembled under one smoothie”.  I’ve always thought smoothies were for kids or tree huggers- but I’ve always trusted her to steer me to the right road to better health since my battles with weight gain, digestive issues, circulation problems and allergies.

So one day, I paid a visit to a nearby Phountain® store and grabbed me a bag of SuperPhactor™.  Just reading the ingredients boldly printed on the back of the bag, I can already tell this company was serious about promoting wellness with a complete menu of RAW, Non-GMO and Certified ORGANIC ingredients.  Stuff I’ve never seen combined under one label are in there, making this drink truly a COMPLETE health solution.

The list of ingredients was astonishing to say the least!  Truly smart stuff from all over the globe like ORGANIC TUMERIC (India) for anti-inflammation & cholesterol, YERBA MATE LEAF (South America’s Rain Forest) for weight loss and energy, CAMBOGIA FRUIT (Myanmar/Indonesia) for appetite suppression and immunity, CHANCA PIEDRA (Amazon, Bahamas, China) for the kidneys and de-calcifier… and an entire host of other super-star elements that I read about all the time!  I actually have some of these in pill form that I used to take daily- and now, it’s all part of one meal!  

Oddly enough, all ingredients of Super Phactor individually would cost 3-5 times if you tried to make this in your own kitchen yourself!  I heard a news interview from the owner once who said “the mission of Phountain is to bring true wellness accessible and affordable to the everyday person- not just the select few!”

Whoever architected this concoction truly thought of everything.  Each ingredient is well-recognized worldwide for their medicinal properties and are combined to cover ALL our essential needs. Combine this with a scoop of GreenPhactor (greens) and PH Water and you’re on the road to the right change!

This is more than a food replacement: this is a LIFESTYLE MAKER.

I haven’t touched coffee since…
These ingredients combined have kept their promises; I don’t crave unhealthy junk anymore and I’m actually driven to work out harder and perform better.  I pretty much replaced my coffee maker with a blender and SUPER PHACTOR covers my morning and evening meals.